Why We Do It

We live on the edge of food scarcity and are slowly agitating our water and land creating a volatile environment to growing crops.

The increase in food demand is driven by population growth combined with economic development and diet changes driving changes in diet composition and consumption levels.

The global challenge will be to increase food production through raising agricultural productivity efficiently, whilst decreasing our environmental footprint.

The Future Agro Challenge invites you to join a dynamic community offering various potential solutions to the great challenges we are facing. As there is not one simple solution to any of these complex challenges, our community opens a year round dialogue into a deeper understanding of each global challenge through innovation, creativity and leadership

The Impact
  • Create healthier citizens and increase food production
  • Unleash entrepreneurial potential and creativity to invent new products and services
  • Provide a platform for global dialogue, networking, ideas and solutions
  • Encourage opportunities for employment and education
  • Address the great challenges affecting our future